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Epoxy glass cloth winding tube filament wound tubes /filament winding tubes filament wound tubes /filament winding tubes filament wound tubes /filament winding tubes

Filament wound composite products made of glass fibers and epoxy resin have besides very good mechanical properties and fair temperature resistance also excellent electroinsulative properties.it is a glass fabric base rolled tube bonded with a epoxy resin. This grade has heat resistant properties .It possesses excellent electrical properties, and low water absorption when exposed to high humidity conditions.
Product explanation and use£º The sleeve of epoxy resin fiberglass forms in the process which nonalkali fiberglass dipped epoxy resin liquor twists along tubing axis with 50-60 degree ,, The product is widely used in the fusion tubing of high/low pressure flow limited fuse box and other electrical equipment. The product can be sawed, cut, bored, and roped silk. All this machinability does not cause flaws like crackle, bedded structure, desquamation etc. The color of the product is red, white, light yellow and light green. Anti-bend intensity no less than 150mPa. The electric intensity for plumb layer exceeds 8KV/mm. All specification can be made-to-order.


filament wound tubes /filament winding tubes / bushing of epoxy resin fiberglass /Epoxy Glass fiber fabric tubes /Thin wall filament wound tube

Size:ID*OD Wall Thickness Color:Grey,thin green
Can produce various Size or Color according per customer¡¯s requirements.
Property Test Condition Units Typical Value
Tensile Strength A   43,000
Compressive Strength, Axial A psi 27,000
Electrical Strength     

short time


.062" wall hick.


.125" wall hick.

Dissipation Factor @1MHz A .016
Permittivity @1MHz A 4.6
Density gm/cc 1.86
Water Absorption D 24/23 %  

.062" wall hick.


.125" wall hick.



the main use is for arresters (sleeves), flow limited fuse boxes, link sticks, earth sticks and some high voltage electric equipment.applications requiring good insulation resistance, arc resistance, and dielectric strength. Recommended for its dimensional stability under varying humidity condition. sush as high voltage insulators and fuses tubes,CMOA , spacers, and coil forms for electrical equipment,Antennas.Battery ,casings ,Bearings and Collars,Bushings,Cryogenics,Equipment and Tool Handles.Impeder tubes.Pressure tubing,Structural tubing,Water and wastewater treatment components etc.


G7 Tube(3265 Silicone glass cloth laminated tube)
G7/Silicon glass Laminated Tube is a fiberglass reinforced laminate Tube bonded with a high performance silicone resin. This material has high heat resistance, very low dissipation factor, and excellent arc resistance. This material is flame resistant with low smoke evolution.
Used for the insulating slots. windings. gaskets. junction board of the dry-type transformer/railway transformer/electrical equipment/traction motor etc.

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