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G7 Silicone Glass Tubes

Composed of a continuous glass woven cloth base impregnated with a silicone resin binder, this grade has excellent heat and arc resistance. It has extremely good dielectric loss properties under dry conditions and good electrical properties under humid conditions, although the percentage of change is high.

Glass Silicone Tubes G-7

  • Lamitex G-7, glass silicone tubing for high-temperature insulation.
  • Heavy walled G-7 tubing for intense heat applications used for furnace insulation.
  • Small diameter G-7 tubing cut and machined to tolerance for welding tip insulators.
  • G-7 laminate sheet machined to specification to complement G-7 tubing parts for complete furnace insulation packages.
  • G-7 sheet is available in thicknesses ranging from .003" to 5.500" and sheet sizes 49.0" wide x 98.0" long.
  • Large diameter G-7 tubing is available up to 49.2" inside diameter is available up to 48" long.
  • Large diameter G-7 tubing is available up to 49.2" inside diameter is available up to 48" long
  • Lamitex G-30 glass-reinforced Polyimide sheet and tubing available for higher strength requirements under high heat applications.
  • G-7 tubes are machined into washers, spacers, bolt sleeves, split sleeves and bolt insulators for arc furnace applications

3650 Polyamide glass cloth laminated tube :

It is created from KH550 glass cloth with alkali-free that has been impregnated with polyamide resin under pressure. heat and rolling. The thermal grade is class h insulation. With excellent electrical. Physical and mechanical property, thermal-resistant, radiation-proof. Used for the insulating slots. windings. gaskets of the dry-type transformer /mine transformer/ railway transformer/traction motor/areomotor/electrical equipment etc.

Wall thickness:1.5-200mm; Diameter: | 6-2000mm

Technical data:

1. density g/cm2 Y1.65

2. flexural strength Mpa Y 200

3. compressive strength Mpa Y 80

4. shearing strength Mpa Y 20

5. 1.5mm 14

Electrical strength perpendicular 20.mm KV 16

To lamination, in transformer oil

At room temperature(5 min)/ 2.5mm 18

Thickness of wall 3.0mm 20

6. Electrical strength parallel to lamination, in KV 30

transformer oil at room temperature(5 min)

7. Surface electrical strength after wet at KV 14

room temperature(1 min)

Phenolic paper tube;
Phenolic cotton cloth tube;
Epoxy phenolic glass cloth tube;
Epoxy glass cloth tube;
Nylon tube;
PTFE tube

Product name Type Characteristic
Phenolic paper laminated tube 3520 Mechanical and Electrical applications,high mechanical properties, heat-resistant and dielectric properties
Phenolic cotton cloth laminated tube 315 Mechanical applications,good mechanical properties.
316 Mechanical applications,good mechanical properties.
Epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated tube 3640 Mechanical and Electrical applications,dood electrical and mechanical properties under dry and humidity conditions.
Epoxy glass cloth laminated tube G10 Good electrical and mechanical properties under humidity conditions.
FR4 Good electrical and mechanical properties under humidity conditions,Flame.
G11 High mechanical properties at both room temperature and 150??.good electrical propertiesunder under dry and humidity conditions.
FR5 High mechanical properties at both room temperature and 150??.good electrical propertiesunder under dry and humidity conditions,Flame.
Nylon tube Nylon

Good toughness,Mar Resistance,Oil Resistance, Shake Resistance.

PTFE tube PTFE Best chemical resistance and highest conductivity,it is not aging and has a wax-like surface to which anything hardly sticks,the friction factor is the lowest and its unloaded operating temperature range is from -180??260??.
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